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Venus Pearlescent Druzy Set

Venus Pearlescent Druzy Set

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Introducing the Pearlescent Venus Druzy Collection, a set of five delicately hand-colored masterpieces in stunning pearlescent hues! Each piece, ranging in size from 2-4mm, captures the essence of soft, radiant colors, making this collection a delightful addition to your geode artwork. ✨🎨

Achieve a gentle and enchanting fusion between crystals and resin by incorporating these Pearlescent Venus Druzy gems into your masterpiece. They're ready to infuse your creations with a subtle touch of pearlescent elegance!

 Act fast, as this exclusive collection can sell out at any time.

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What Is Included? NEW upgraded set with 2 additional colors - Oyster & Pearl Luminescence

  1 x Venus Druzy in color Sea Green 75g (2.65oz)

  1 x Venus Druzy in color Pastel Pink 75g (2.65oz)

  1 x Venus Druzy in color Peach Bloom 75g (2.65oz)

   1 x Venus Druzy in color Lilac 75g (2.65oz)

   1 x Venus Druzy in color Blue Topaz 75g (2.65oz)

   1 x Venus Druzy in color Oyster (pearl white 2-4mm) 75g (2.65oz)

   1 x Venus Druzy in color Pearl Luminescence (pearl white 1-2mm) 75g (2.65oz)

A total of 525g (18.52oz) of hand-colored pearlescent glass delight!

And there's more! For every purchase of 59 USD or more, you'll gain access to our exclusive VIP training area. Dive into detailed tutorials on expertly mixing Pearlescent Venus Druzy with resin and forming it correctly on the surface for beautiful effects. I'll be updating this area monthly with new tutorials and exclusive tips, allowing you to continually elevate your geode art game! 🌈💎

PS. Please check the collection page for updates about packing time and possible breaks due to vacation. Usually please allow up to 4 business days for packing and posting. We offer worldwide shipping—check shipping prices at checkout. 

Typical delivery time:

National(NL) - within 48 hours from posting.

UK & Europe- within 5days from posting.

International - 7-14 days from posting

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Customer Reviews

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Venus doozy

I ordered this set too long ago and has been fun to play with! I created a glass turtle and they worked perfectly to add on for some highlights. I’ve used them in several projects, they are perfect to have on hand for highlights. the colors are beautiful. They definitely live up to my expectations as does everything else I have ever gotten from Violet! I can’t express enough how much I love the doozy goddess line!