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The Aphrodite Set - L Size Druzy Goddess Set

The Aphrodite Set - L Size Druzy Goddess Set

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Color Druzy Variant

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Explore the amazing possibilities of personalization with our large Druzy Set! Tailor your geode art creations by selecting from an array of mesmerizing colors inspired by our flagship White Ambrosia druzy. Whether you desire the calming hues of Mystic Mint, the regal allure of Sapphire Wings, or the ethereal beauty of Celestial, this set offers the perfect blend of colors for a truly personalized and unique geode art experience. Elevate your creativity and embrace the goddess vibes with this extraordinary collection! 🎨✨

Each piece, meticulously hand-colored and ranging from 1-4mm, embodies goddess vibes and the epitome of luxurious beauty, making it the perfect set for unlocking ultimate creativity and elevating your geode art creations. ⚪✨

Experience the fusion between crystals and resin with each unique druzy in this set, allowing you to infuse your creations with the timeless elegance, purity, and divine energy of these flagship hues! Act fast, as this large Druzy Set offers the ultimate tools for geode art enthusiasts.

This Set Includes: 

 White Ambrosia Druzy 740g (26.1oz) 

 Black Tie Goddess Druzy 170g (6oz) 

 Diamond Kiss To Make Your Druzy Ultra Sparkly 40g (1.41oz) 

 Theia's Gold - premium gold sand  25g (0.88oz)

 Theia's Silver - premium silver sand 25g (0.88oz)

 Maya Beads - 1-2mm opalescent fine glass 40g (1.4oz) 

 Venus Druzy  - 2-4mm pearlescent druzy - 5 colors available, so I will choose the one that matches the color theme of your choice best 50g (1.76oz)   

That's not all!

Depending on the color variant you choose, you will receive 3 x 70g (3x 2.47 oz)  of my signature colored druzy. Read further for more details:

In the Original, You Will Find What Is In My Product Video and Originally Created set: 70g of Violet Dream, Rose Kiss & Moon Goddess - a total of 210g (7.4oz)

In the Floral Variant, You Will Find: 70g of Violet Dream, Rose Kiss & Persephone's Peony Druzy - a total of 210g (7.4oz)

 In the Ocean Variant, You Will Find: 70g of Lagoon Whisper, Sapphire Wings & Celestial Druzy - a total of 210g (7.4oz)

 In the Mother Earth Variant, You Will Find: 70g of Solar Activation, Apollo's Amber & Aidoo's Blush Druzy - a total of 210g (7.4oz)

In the Nature Variant, You Will Find: 70g of Mystic Mint, Siren Whisper & Emerald Nymph Druzy - a total of 210g (7.4oz)

 In the After Dark Variant, You Will Find: 70g of Moon Goddess, Hera's Dewdrops & Phoenix Druzy - a total of 210g (7.4oz) 

In the Jewelry For Walls Variant, You Will Find: 70g of Moon Goddess, Apricot Sunset & Solar Activation Druzy - a total of 210g (7.4oz)

And there's more! You'll gain access to our exclusive VIP training area. Dive into detailed tutorials on expertly mixing and combining druzies with resin, unlocking endless possibilities for your artistic expressions. I'll be updating this area monthly with new tutorials and exclusive tips, guiding you to continually elevate your geode art game! 🎨💎 Embrace the divine energy and luxurious creativity within each druzy of the large Set, the perfect choice for those seeking the comfortable geode art experience! 🌟💫

PS. Please check the collection page for updates about packing time and possible breaks due to vacation. Usually please allow up to 4 business days for packing and posting. We offer worldwide shipping—check shipping prices at checkout as well as free shipping treshold.

Typical delivery time:

USA, Canada, Australia - 7-14 business days from posting

National(NL) - within 48 hours from posting.

UK & Europe- within 5 business days from posting.

 From October 15th, glitter is discontinued due to the EU's loose glitter sale ban. Watch the video at the end of this page to learn more about the products. 

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Customer Reviews

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Love it

I bought the set mostly because of the access to VIP tutorials. But the product exceeded my expectations! I'm in love with Maya Beads which are not even shown properly in the photos. The iridescent effect is amazing. I also love the pearlescent Venus glass which I want to purchase in all 5 colors next. There are so many options to use all of the items you get and with the guidance from tutorials now I can start creating something that no one is.