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Mystic Mint - Druzy Goddess

Mystic Mint - Druzy Goddess

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Introducing Mystic Mint, a delicate mint druzy that embodies freshness and tranquility! Each piece, ranging in size from 1-4mm, is meticulously hand-colored to embody the essence of a serene mint hue, making it a charming addition to your geode artwork. 🌿✨

Achieve a serene blend between crystals and resin by incorporating Mystic Mint into your masterpiece. It's ready to infuse your creations with a touch of minty elegance!

Inside each bag, you'll discover 200g (7oz) of glass druzy, coupled with 7g of Diamond Kiss for an extra touch of glamorous sophistication. The bag is in the size of my hand. Act fast, as this delicately minty creation can sell out at any time.

And there's more! For every purchase of 59 USD or more, you'll gain access to our exclusive VIP training area. Dive into detailed tutorials on expertly mixing Mystic Mint with resin and forming it correctly on the surface for beautiful effects. I'll be updating this area monthly with new tutorials and exclusive tips, allowing you to continually elevate your geode art game! 🎨💎

PS. Please check the collection page for updates about packing time and possible breaks due to vacation. Usually please allow up to 4 business days for packing and posting. We offer worldwide shipping—check shipping prices at checkout as well as free shipping treshold.

Typical delivery time:

National(NL) - within 48 hours from posting.

UK & Europe- within 5 business days from posting.

USA, Canada, Australia - 7-14 business days from posting

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