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Luxe Druzy Goddess Toppers

Luxe Druzy Goddess Toppers

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Introducing the Goddess Mica 16-Color Set( all micas that I have in offer plus some extras), a palette that knows no bounds! Each shade in this collection is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of limitless creativity, offering a spectrum of possibilities for your geode artwork. 🎨✨

Explore the endless potential of the Goddess Mica set, where each color, ranging from vibrant to subtle, is designed to elevate your creations.

Inside this set, you'll discover 16 unique colors, each capable of transforming your artistic vision. Act fast, as this comprehensive palette is in high demand and I currently hold only a very small supply.💎🌈

The entire set contains 555g (19,6oz) of mica flakes in different colors and sizes plus unique opal and pearl glass druzy, glass flakes, and metallic sand. Here are some details...

This set includes 34g (1,2oz) of each of those 5 products:

 Pearl Luminescence Venus Druzy (pearlescent glass size 1-2mm)

 Maya Beads (opal irridescent glass size 1-2mm)

 Diamond Kiss ( premium glass flakes)

 Theia's Gold (gold sand)

 Theia's Silver ( silver sand)

PLUS This set includes also16 different mica flakes, each color and size is 24g (0,85oz) - in total 384g (13,6oz) of mica flakes:

Navy Nightfall: Fine (0,2mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (Dark Blue Mica Flakes)

Gilded Moonstone: Chunky (0.1-3mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (Silver & Gold Mica Flake Melange)

Eclipse Elegance: Chunky (0.1-3mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (3 Color Melange With Gold, Silver & Unique Antracyt Mica Flakes)

Midnight Majesty: Fine (0,2mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (Dark Grey Mica Flakes)

Stellar Sands: Fine (0,2mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (Beige Mica Flakes)

Lunar Luminescence: Fine (0,2mm), Chunky (0.1-3mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (Silver Mica Flakes)

Golden Twilight: Fine (0,2mm), Chunky (0.1-3mm) & Extra Chunky (1-6mm) (Gold Mica Flakes)

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