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Limitless Goddess Set XL

Limitless Goddess Set XL

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Introducing the Limitless Goddess 18-Color Set, a palette that knows no bounds! Each shade in this collection is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of limitless creativity, offering a spectrum of possibilities for your geode artwork. 🎨✨

Explore the endless potential of the Limitless Goddess set, where each color, ranging from vibrant to subtle, is designed to elevate your creations.

Inside this set, you'll discover 18 unique colors, each capable of transforming your artistic vision. Act fast, as this comprehensive palette is in high demand.

And there's more! You'll receive access to our exclusive VIP training area. Dive into detailed tutorials on expertly mixing the Limitless Goddess colors with resin and forming them correctly on the surface for beautiful effects. I'll be updating this area monthly with new tutorials and exclusive tips, allowing you to continually elevate your geode art game! 💎🌈

This set includes 100g (3.5oz) of each color which means its a double size of the original Limitless Goddess Set with a better price! Colors in the set:

  White Ambrosia Druzy - white druzy

 Moon Goddess Druzy - granite inspired

 Black Tie Goddess Druzy  - black druzy

 Phoenix Druzy - grey and black shades

 Celestial Druzy - grey blue 

 Sapphire Wings Druzy - elegant blue tones

 Lagoon Whisper Druzy - turquoise water tones

  Siren Whisper Druzy - ice ocean, teal inspired

 Rose Kiss Druzy - Rose quart inspired

 Persephone's Peony Druzy - lilac and warm lavender 

 Violet Dream Druzy - amethyst inspired 

 Hera's Dewdrop Druzy - grayish lavender and bluebell

 Aidoo's Blush Druzy - peach moonstone inspired

 Apricot Sunset Druzy - peach  druzy

Apollo's Amber Druzy - brown topaz inspired

Solar Activation Druzy - honeycomb inspired

Mystic Mint Druzy - minty look

Emerald Nymph Druzy - beautiful green shades

 Plus 50g (1.76oz) of Diamond Kiss To Make Your Druzy Ultra ✨️ 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I chose this set to save money on shipping to the States. Was pretty anxious if that's the right choice but everything looks so amazing. The colors are gorgeous. I have a lot of glass bought on Amazon but nothing looks so good as those beads. It's pricey but worth it.

I'm happy with my order!

I do not leave reviews often but this product is wow! I can tell that Violet is very helpful and patient. I have enough druzy to create a small project or two in each color. Love the tutorials which showed me how to combine different colors and create mini clusters. I got so inspired! The new pieces I've created got so many compliments and even commission requests! Money well spent.