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Golden Twilight Mica Set

Golden Twilight Mica Set

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Introducing our premium collection of gold mica flakes!You can find 3 different gradiants from 0,2mm fine, 0,1-3mm chunky all up to 1-6mm extra chunky.

Achieve natural sparkle by incorporating these mica flakes into your masterpiece. They are ready to use straight out of the bag! You can add them on top of or around druzy, resin, texture paste, alcohol ink art or even acrylic art.

Each package contains 25g of different gold mica flakes in fine, chunky, and extra chunky sizes.In total 75g of mica!

Hurry, as the launch stock is limited and I'm not sure when I will restock them again.

PS. Please check the collection page for updates about packing time and possible breaks due to vacation. Usually please allow up to 4 business days for packing and posting. We offer worldwide shipping—check shipping prices at checkout. 

Typical delivery time:

National(NL) - within 48 hours from posting.

UK & Europe- within 5days from posting.

International - 7-14 days from posting

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