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Design Your Own Geode Kitchen Board - Pre Order

Design Your Own Geode Kitchen Board - Pre Order

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Color Theme
Color - Metallic
Material - Glitter


The board will be created to order and they will be shipped within 3 weeks after placing the order.

Beautiful decorative geode-style boards create a unique look that takes serving your food to the next level. Make a statement and surprise your friends and family with this one-of-a-kind decoration. Perfect for all geode & crystal vibe lovers.

Dimensions: around 36cm by 26cm ( 10 by 14 inch) from acacia wood.

Each piece is handmade and may have different variations and shades of chosen color. The customer leaves room for the artist to choose different finishing touches, designs, and shades of colors that are within the color palette chosen for the order. If you need a specific color matching your interior this order is not a good fit as there are too many shades of color falling into the color palette guidance. There could be small imperfections as resin requires up to 12-hour curing time.

Because it's a custom order there will be no returns or refunds granted if the product was delivered without significant damage to the customer. 

The attached photos are for reference only. There could be different colors of druzy used, different druzy placement, glitter lines, pen lines as well as shades of pigments. The goal is to create unique ornaments that will be different for each customer. 


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