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Create With Me - Geode Kitchen Board Online Class

Create With Me - Geode Kitchen Board Online Class

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Access our exclusive geode art class, where we will guide you in creating a sophisticated kitchen board, as showcased in the accompanying photo. This class is meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned resin artists, offering a comprehensive exploration of crafting unique geode-style kitchen boards.

But what's truly invaluable is that the skills you acquire extend far beyond this project, equipping you to craft various forms of small functional art, from lid decoration to mini trays, small canvases, jewelry, beauty boxes, and more.

Our expert tips are universally applicable and will promptly elevate your artistic proficiency.

Throughout this class, you will gain insight into:

✨ The essential tools and products necessary to achieve professional-grade results

✨ The meticulous process of board preparation, setting the foundation for your creative endeavor

✨ The art of constructing a captivating geode design using crystals, highlights, and druzy

✨ Techniques for expertly coloring and pouring resin

✨ The significance of background coloring and its profound influence on your project's overall aesthetics

✨ Strategically determining where to draw the lines for maximum impact

✨ Achieving an advanced and distinctive finish on the underside of the board

✨ Professional insights on top coating for a flawless final touch

✨ And a multitude of advanced tips and techniques that will refine your artistic skills

This comprehensive training session spans over 1 hour and is delivered with meticulous attention to detail.

Why delay? Upon securing your spot in this class, you will promptly receive an email containing a link to the online class recording. You can view and revisit the content at your leisure, on your terms, from any location. This is a remarkable opportunity to enhance your skills on your own timetable!

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Customer Reviews

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I love that she offers these mini courses they are so much fun and inspirational! I got a kitchen board and I’m going to follow along!

Make a luxury charcuterie board!

This charcuterie board is one of the most beautiful Ive seen yet Violet! Your ability to build a druzy is marvelous and Ive seen nothing like yours. That is why I feel bless to learn from you, so I can create such works of art and eventually add my own personality to my creations. Thank you for sharing your talents🥰