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Geode Inspired Round Artwork 30

Geode Inspired Round Artwork 30

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In spite of its small size, this gorgeous piece stands out with its stunning colors inspired by agate.  Depending on your preference, it can be hung, mounted on an easel or even set on a shelf or tabletop. A clean finished edge painted in gold brings a beautiful high-end finish.

Materials: Epoxy Resin, Quartz sand, Glas & Pigments on a wood exhibition panel

Size: Diameter 30 x 2 cm

Handmade in an artist's studio, each piece may have minor imperfections such as bubbles, ripples, or small particles that found their way onto the painting and cured within the resin over the 24-48 hour drying period. Feel free to contact me if you wish to see more pictures or request a video.

Please use the appropriate hanging hardware for the piece's weight, as it does not come with hanging hardware.

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