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In the meantime learn more about the classes I offer ( form intro up to advance level) There are different levels available for my online video classes that are hosted on a professional teaching platform.

In the advance course ( called Secrets of Geode Art) I will hold your hand throughout the entire process. Showing each step of creating a beautiful and elegant diptych. Yes, the one that you saw on my Instagram page with a beautiful soft green colors. It's a unique opportunity to learn most of the tricks that I've mastered during my geode art journey. I'm not only guiding you through the steps but also sharing all of my thought process behind it. I'm not holding back! You will get full 8h videos with dozens of tips.

I'm also presenting multiple options to finish the piece differently so you have all of the information needed to create your own unique artwork and discover your own voice in the process.

Moreover, this training is strengthened by three pillars. It presents you not only with the science and skills behind the process but also the mindset. Making this course one of a kind. If you would love to find your own voice and be an unstoppable artist this training is for you!

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Recent reviews from my students that took the advance course Secrets of Geode Art

PS. All details, photo of the artwork we will create as well as specific table of content you will find on the course enrollment page.

If you want to learn a lot of new techniques like wispy effect in geode art and let me guide you throughout the entire process but you feel more comfortable with creating a smaller project (20x50cm / 8x20 inch) choose my intermediate to advance level class with 6h of detailed training- Treasures of geode art

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If you are here to learn all my secrets behind advance crystals and druzy formations join my training about Druzy and Crystals 

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If you are at the beginning and you haven't worked with resin before or with geode style and it's a bit overwhelming for you let's take my Into class that costs just 7,77 euro.

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Kickstart your new adventure and get more confidence! You too can create breathtaking art with the minimum workspace and budget. Learn how to plan and organize your space and time around family, even if you don't have a professional art studio. I will show you which products are absolutely essential to achieve a high-quality look and which products are not really necessary so you don't have to spend hundreds on testing them yourself.

You will also learn the massive thirteen mistakes most artists make that ruin their projects. And last but not least, an excellent 15 steps cheat sheet with a step-by-step process to create your first geode wall art.

And the best thing is that it's for everyone! Yes, you heard that right. Everyone can do this, so if you have no experience or are doubting your skills, do not worry. I've got you! 

PS. All details and specific table of content you will find on the course enrollment page.

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