Druzy Goddess VIP Training

Here You Can Find Links To Training Videos - Take Your Skills To The Next Level & Assure Beautiful Results With My Druzy Products.

1. How To Mix Druzy With Resin The Right Way - Watch Here

Proportions: 10ml (0.34oz) of resin for every 100g (3.5 ounce) druzy  

2. Options Of Elevating Druzy On The Canvas - Watch Here

3. Attaching Highlight & Crystals Before Druzy - Watch Here

4. How To Place Druzy On The Canvas - Watch Here

5. Applying Diamond Kiss For Extra Sparkle - Watch Here

6. How To Add More Volume To Heavy Druzy Watch Here

7. What To Do With Druzy Leftovers - Watch Here

8. How To Cast Crystals Formations For Geode Art - Watch Here

9. Diamond Kiss vs Diamond Dust - Watch Here

10. Crucial 15 Steps To Geode Artwork - Watch Here

11. Different Surfaces For Druzy - Watch Here

12. Geode Style Glass Jars With Black & White Druzy - long version of tutorial - Watch Here

13. Geode Style Beauty Box With Violet & Moon Goddess Druzy - long version - Watch Here

14. Geode Style Ornaments With Lagoon Whisper & Sapphire Wings - Watch Here

15. Geode Ornaments With New StarSeed sparkle & 4 Colors Of Druzy - Watch Here

16. Important Tips On Spotless Top Coat - Watch Here

17. Geode Ornaments With Light Background & Gold Finish - Watch Here

18. Geode Style Coasters Fluorite Inspired - Watch Here 

19. Sapphire Wings, Hera's Dewdrops, White Ambrosia & Opal Clusters - Watch Here

20. Geode Jar With Sapphire Blue - Watch Here

21. What to do if you don't have crystals in specific color - Watch Here

22. Blush Goddess - Wall Art With Aidoo's Blush Druzy - Watch Here

23. Unique Alcohol Ink Geode With Hera's Dewdrops - Watch Here

24. White Opal Druzy -Watch Here

25. Mother's Earth Inspired Clusters ( Apollo's Amber, Apricot Sunset, Solar Activations, Mystic Mint, Lagoon Whisper, Emerald Nymph, White Ambrosia) - Watch Here

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