Course Essentials Canadian Students

ESSENTIAL SHOPPING LIST for this specific project

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  • Geode resin (2l package)
  • 4ever sticks
  • Crystal white and platin grey pigment pastes
  • Carat Gold
  • Champagne gold fine glitter optional

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The rest of materials you can get on Amazon. Active links below!


  • Crystals of your choice for the project 
  • Druzy Goddess White Ambrosia and Mystic Mint 
  • Diamond Kiss from Druzy Goddess Line
  • Mold I’ve used for casting the highlights - check instagram @art4start ( Monster amethyst mold nr 490


  • GLITTER - Goddess Whisper and Ethereal Dreams for white and silver, Champagne gold fine and chunky 
  • Pigment paste for this project is Crystal White and Platin Grey from Colorberry 
  • Alcohol ink in our project its Ranger Pistachio. You can choose another if it’s matching your crystals better. Watch (sampling with alcohol inks first)
  • Last line of the resin pour was Diamond Earrings pigment or you can use glitter from Colorberry or other brand- champagne gold fine.


  • Carat Gold - floating gold pigment from Colorberry. or from MEYSPRING (10%off Meyspring with code violetview)
  • Final Sealing Varnish that is not water based for finishing the edges of druzy/glass. (mixed with metallic floating pigment)
  • Fine brush to apply the varnish around druzy
  • Pebeo gedeo adhesive and foil mirror effect gold 
  • White posca pens - for this project size 1M,3M and 5M are enough.


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